Weight management and diabetes

Level 4 industry Qualified
This service recognises the past , present and future history of the client looking at not only there current health and fitness but a real specific overview of where they have come from, how they got there and how to overcome the social, psychological , lifestyle barriers of weight management.
Looking at more than the training but everything from decision making, environmental factors, stress and hormonal aspects of weight gain , long term habits and a progressive adaptation into new positive ones.


This service is directed more at the obese , morbidly obese client but also anybody with long term weight gain issues. It has crossover to a family intervention and is not short term but a programme of education and understanding. There are ups and downs but ultimately results based on support, empathy and guidance.


This for me is where I can really feel such reward and showcase ability as a trainer/ coach. It is an area that requires the empathy, patience and understanding but means for most life changing results!


Depending on the amount of changes that need to take place there are options,
Weekly nutrition/ lifestyle consultation – one sessions combined with a weekly training session


This allows more detail and a micro goal approach where the client and trainer can take the speed and approach that it may well deserve. Ultimately it allows for less regression and more of an intimate relationship to be built up


Driven by results!