Here's what a few of my clients have to say

Sally Antrobus

“As a busy mum I was always finding excuses not to exercise by claiming I didn’t have time to fit it into an already hectic schedule. On top of this I found myself in the midst of postnatal depression and in desperate need of finding ways to improve my mental health without having to resort to medication. I had read several articles and case studies about how exercise could help to fight depression and so as well as arranging some counseling sessions and after some persuasion from my husband I contacted Paul in order to arrange some personal training sessions and put the theory to the test.

“Wow! – I have never looked back.”

This was almost a year ago and Paul has helped me, through our training sessions and his knowledge on nutrition and health, to feel healthier, to feel more positive about life, and most significantly to feel more confident in my ability to achieve in life – completing the Plymouth half marathon in April was something I would never have thought possible for me a year ago.  Paul’s sessions are always different and challenging and Paul constantly pushes me beyond what I perceive to be my limits and out of my comfort zone and so every session I achieve something new. Furthermore, although weight loss was not my objective when I set out on this course as a bonus my body has inevitably changed shape, toned up and I feel stronger, fitter and more self confident then I have ever done in my life which is not bad for somebody fast approaching 40! Making the decision to change my situation as it was, to stop making excuses and to contact Paul was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made not only for my body but most significantly for my mental health and also for the example I am now setting my own children.”



Mark Rodd

“My name is Mark a 47 year old self employed Gas Engineer, Husband and Father in Plymouth. Until recently over weight and under fit!

My catalyst was my then 8 year old son telling me that I would die soon if I stayed ‘Fat’

I am an ex rugby player and have trained in a gym for most of my adult life (but not too successfully) and it was in my gym that I saw a card for Paul Shannon PT offering professional help.

Taking his card home to my wife was the best move I ever made!

I arranged to meet this total stranger at the gym expecting some kind of ‘drill instructor’ to bellow orders at me. How wrong I was, he sat and listened to my life style, my goals and ambitions and after only an hour felt like I had known him for years.

I have been training with him every week for nearly two years now and have lost 25.4 Kilo (4.1Stone) and dropped 2 trouser sizes from a 42” to 38” waist. An achievement I could not have imagined 2 years ago and one which I could not have done without the love and support of my wife or the knowledge, support, friendship and determination of my trainer.

Together we have reshaped my life, literally. Paul has given me the knowledge I needed to use a gym more effectively, the support to change my diet and the understanding of what my body needs to train and sustain an active lifestyle. I still have a long way to go but I am eager for the challenge ahead because I know he will be there every hard sweaty step of the way and to prove it we are entering this years Tavy 7 race and he will be wearing a weight suit so that we will be the same weight when we run.

So if you are considering a lifestyle change that includes fitness, diet and general wellbeing take my advice and look up this man, I promise you will not regret it, I haven’t.”



Sarah Laine

“I have exercised on and off for most of my adult life and am fortunate to be of a natural slim build. But as I have gotten older, I have found like most people, I need to put that extra bit of effort in to feel comfortable in my clothes! I have trained with Paul for about 18 months now, following a friend’s recommendation, and can honestly say I feel and look the best I ever have. His sessions are many things; -challenging, varied, goal orientated and informative. He is a fountain of knowledge – from using a range of innovative exercise approaches and equipment, advice on diets to maintain energy and build muscle, to guidance on managing and recovering from injuries.

“Paul is clearly passionate about his job and loves nothing better than updating his knowledge by attending regular courses to keep him fully informed with evidence based approaches.”

He imparts this knowledge during our sessions and this has enabled me to concentrate on areas of my diet which need addressing in order to achieve my desired outcome.  For the last 6 months I have focused mainly on strength training using weights and have found this to be an enjoyable (something I never thought I would say!) and achievable form of exercise that really does show results. Paul has provided me with a program that I can also do on my own in the gym and he is always more than happy to give support and advice at any time helping me to be consistent and strive for further improvement. I look forward to growing older, healthier and fitter!”



Lisa Cripps

“I first met Paul when he instructed a spin class several years ago now. His personality is contagious, he motivates, encourages and makes group exercise fun!

More recently he has supported me through 3years of sudden onset chronic illness. I had gone from 8-10 high impact phys sessions per week to  bedridden. Mentally accepting such a drastic change was tough. However Paul has vast experience with health issues in combination with his patience and determination I now hope to slowly regain  a good level of fitness and improved body shape. Paul has regularly adapted my p/t sessions to suit my medical advice or to how I’m feeling physically. He has great insight into nutrition and physiology and on top of the practical sessions he has given me better understanding and control of my own diet and attitude to food.

So whether you’re physically athletic or afraid of that first step Paul is well equipped to help achieve your goal!”



Tim marrow

“This man is dangerous – he could seriously impact your health and fitness – resulting in need  for new wardrobe due to weight loss, increased confidence and impact.  Consider very carefully if you are ready for the return on your investment!”



Joe Campbell

“Paul has really helped me focus on key areas within both my nutrition and training.

I have always had an interest in my general health and well being but had no real structure to what I was doing, like many people I fluctuated in weight and had spells of using the gym with long gaps in between.

Paul doesn’t have one answer or one method, he will look at each person individually and set a plan that will fit into your lifestyle and before you know it will become your lifestyle.

The fact Paul continues to educate himself means he is able to keep things interesting, pass on new training techniques and help you adapt your diet as you progress.”


Laura Mullin

Lieutenant Royal Navy 26 Jan 15

I went searching for a PT just after I had completed a half marathon last March and my phys had completely plateaued. Despite my love of exercise, I had totally lost the ability to motivate myself and I knew I needed to do something about it. Enter Paul.

He has been amazing. Completely professional, but also incredibly easy to get along with, he has changed my entire approach to health and fitness. For one, my nutrition was shocking. Being in the military makes it pretty difficult to eat healthily, and as such, I mostly ate out where I could. Not only this, but I had no confidence about entering the weights area of the gym that was mostly full of super fit Royal Marines and, as such, my strength wasn’t a particular strength! 9 months later and I am completely different. Just the other day I was the only girl in the weights area of the gym, and happily carrying out my own routine, based on programmes Paul has devised for me in the past. My nutrition has changed for the better, and I am so much healthier and happier. My weight has decreased – not gigantically as I have always done exercise and kept myself fit, but I am leaner, stronger, fitter, and hugely more knowledgeable. Even better, I feel super within myself because of it.

One of the best things about Paul is that you can have a laugh with him. A PT in my eyes needs to be someone you can be comfortable around, and someone who doesn’t judge you either. Paul never makes you feel bad if you have a day or two where you fall of the wagon. He understands that people have different lifestyles and teaches you that it’s about making the best of what you can, rather than beating yourself up if you eat a chocolate biscuit or two, or drink a baileys or three. I love food, and it’s great; as so does Paul. He doesn’t try and make you follow any stupid diets, or fast, or live off juice only. He advocates healthy, nutritious normal food that anyone could cook, and just requires a little bit of organisation with your weekly food shop. Secondly, if you are having a really bad day, or a really good day, he wants to know. He genuinely cares about his clients, and wants the best for them. Whether it’s smashing exams, or you’ve had a break up (both of which I’ve experienced since I’ve known Paul), you’ll get a high five when you see him or a motivational text message telling you to keep your head up high. So many other PTs aren’t interested in what your life is like when you aren’t training with them – yet that knowledge is crucial in order to devise the best programme possible for the individual! Another great thing about Paul is that so often PTs I have witnessed just stick with what they know, and you see clients doing the same routine over and over again – however Paul is constantly striving to improve himself, so that he can in turn help improve his clients, which considering how busy he is; is really impressive. I like the fact my PT doesn’t just sit on his laurels, but continues to push me with new exercises which in turn helps to allow my own health and fitness knowledge to expand as well.

To sum it all up really, is this fact. I could have stopped using Paul ages ago. I mean; I’ve achieved my original fitness goals. I’ve bought a house and now have a mortgage to pay. And as of next week I will be working a 3 and a half hours drive away during the week. But I haven’t. I am still using Paul. And I will still be using Paul. Even if it’s now only one session a week as that’s all I can fit in and all I can afford, Paul is, to steal a quote from L’Oreal, Worth it.