Personal Training

The Personal Training service offers a unique service. It is often confused as to exactly what we do and what the service entails.

We treat you as an individual and consider all aspects of your lifestyle, nutrition, training history, work and family commitments. Everything to the things you enjoy in the gym, the foods you like and dislike, your social commitments or the journeys you make to work in that busy schedule. We leave no stone unturned to enable us to make the correct decisions when advising on an approach for you. What we know about you is how we help build a successful relationship.

We take the time to educate and inform you of the decisions we make and the reason behind it. We focus on long term results and creating changes to your habits and behaviours so that you see lasting change. This involves creating a habit based approach and making sure your health comes first.

Accountability is something that our clients want and it’s largely the reason we are so successful. We focus on building a relationship with you and gaining your trust. Empathy and communication is the key and we pride ourselves on understanding YOU, considering all aspects of your life that will lead us to great results.

We remove our clients from excessive training, fad diets and complete overhaul of your lifestyle with huge expected behaviour change. We inform, work closely with you and respect your starting point. We leave you to be empowered to make decisions and choices for yourself and have total confidence in that.

The Personal Training service involves

  • One to one /hour sessions weekly specific to you 1,2,3 per week
  • A comprehensive consultation assessing your training, lifestyle, nutrition
  • a detailed postural analysis to ensure correct programming
  • Visual Assessment and measurements for progress markers
  • a detailed Strength, core and cardio assessment
  • Access to the private Facebook group for support and more information
  • Nutrition calculations – your calorie requirements
  • Nutrition Guidance, personalised to you
  • Training Programmes for outside your Coaching sessions used on a personalised app
  • accountability check in times and review of weekly progress
  • Outside support via text, email or Facebook