Group PT Training service

Small Group PT is a more common way training is delivered now, it still enables close contact and the ability to deliver high-end coaching as the size of the group is limited. We focus on training that suits the groups’ goals but can also apply corrective exercise to individuals who need this specificity during a session.

Aside from it being more affordable, it can help encourage great focus working alongside your peers.

The dynamic of the group is often what retains high accountability, focus and enjoyment.As a client often makes great progress in their Personal Training service, or already has good experience with training and the fundamentals of movement this Group PT is the perfect fit.

The Personal Training service involves

  • Training 1-2 weekly sessions
  • Nutrition Guidance and advice
  • A comprehensive Consultation reviewing your goals assessing your training, lifestyle and nutrition
  • Training programmes for outside your coaching sessions used on a personalised app
  • Outside support via text, email, Facebook
  • Check in times for accountability
  • Access to the private Facebook community for extra support and information